The Search Was a Big Chore

Scouring the net to find apartments for rent in Las Vegas NV hasn’t been an easy task for me. I’ve lost a lot of sleep because I was doing it, and I just couldn’t make a decision of where to live. I used to think that finding an apartment would be nothing but a piece of cake that would only take a day. That day turned into days, weeks, and then months. There’s so much more that goes into finding the right apartment that I didn’t realize on the first day, but I realize it when the hours kept being added onto my search.

Location was a big part of my search, as I needed to be in a certain part of Las Vegas. I wanted to be near my job so I wouldn’t have to wake up as early to get there. There’s nothing I hate more than having to wake up early in the morning, especially if I’m just going to be at work all day. Waking up early also meant that other people would want to carpool with me, which I always hated. I don’t like having to drive other people around like some kind of cab driver, and I’d rather not be annoyed by them so early in the morning.

Once I found the perfect location, I had to work within my budget. I only make so much money from my job, so I couldn’t choose an apartment that was outside of my means of living. Not being able to pay the rent would have landed me an eviction notice soon enough. I found a place with the perfect price and distance. I wake up at a normal time, eat some breakfast, and bike to work because of how close it is to the apartment in Vegas.