Time to Downsize the Living Space

Two years ago I had a house and a great job. Now I’m looking for apartments for North Charleston SC because the company got downsized and then bought out and I can’t make the house payments. It’s quite a conundrum to go from the top of your game to being in a position where you think you might end up homeless. Fortunately, I saved a fair chunk of change and have enough to swing a one bedroom apartment. I’ve yet to find a job beyond a part time gig at a gas station, but I’m working on that.

I’m going to lose my shirt with the house, though, since it’s not paid off and selling it will barely cover the fees and mortgage. While that is a tough nut to swallow, I’m trying to move on and find something better. I figure I started out living in an apartment so going back to one won’t be too bad as long as it’s nice and in a good area. Moving back in with my parents would be worse, I think. So in between shifts at the gas station, I’ve been researching my new living options online.

I think I finally found a great place. It’s close to my job so I won’t have to spend a lot of money driving, and it’s also close to the shopping centers and restaurants I like. It’s also close to a couple of places I’m planning on applying for a much better paying job in my former profession, so if that pans out I’ll be in really good shape. The apartment building seemed pretty quiet when I paid a visit to look around too which is important considering I sometimes work the overnight shift and need to sleep during the day. I’m looking forward to moving in soon.