Using Hair Weaves to Avoid Coloring My Hair

I am not a fan of hair dye. My mom had a really bad reaction to it when she started to turn gray. So bad that she has opted to just let her hair go gray. I wanted to add some streaks of color to my hair but was afraid of the hair dye. I was concerned that shared genetics might make me allergic as well. I also was not confident about just testing for reactions on a small spot. I opted for Brazilian hair bundles that were already dyed the color I wanted. I do not have any gray yet, and I’m hoping not to anytime soon.

The hair I had weaved in looks great. It has added color and volume to my existing hair. It has not been this thick on my head since I was a little girl. My husband really likes it. He looks at me with a sparkle in his eye with my bold streaks of red that he likes. The Brazilian hair bundles I purchased are wavy just like my hair. You cannot tell by looking or by touch that it is not my own natural hair.

It styles so easily too. I should have done this a long time ago. Mom has even purchased some in her natural hair color to weave in with the advancing gray. It allows her to retain a lot of color without resorting to any dying of her own hair. She has that salt and pepper look now, and it is making her look quite younger. She is liking the color so much that she is considering consulting a dermatologist about a safe way to test out hair dye before having her hair colored for the first time since the reaction. If it works for her, I might try it when I need it. Right now I just like the weaved in color streaks.