We Had No Hot Water

My daughter came into my room crying the other morning. I was not too concerned because she is at that age where anything can make the tears flow. I told her to calm down and tell me the issue, fully expecting it to be about one of her siblings. She was crying because she did not want to take a cold shower. I had to laugh until I realized she was being literal. I went into the bathroom and was dismayed myself to feel just cold water. I knew a visit from an emergency plumber in Bergen County NJ was in our immediate future.

I knew that it was possible that I would not be able to get anyone out there for a day or so, but I had to try. I have three kids, and all four of us needed hot water to get through the day. Going one day without it would be inconvenient but we are spoiled enough to not want to go even that long with just cold water coming out of the showers and sinks. I went online and did a quick search for emergency plumbers, hoping I could get one to come out that same day.

I was very happy when I contacted one and they told me they could be there within a couple of hours. My next concern was hoping that there was nothing major wrong with the water heater. I have an emergency fund but it was still getting built back up after a major car failure a few months ago. When the plumber came out, he went right to the water tank and looked at it. Thankfully, it was just a small part that was needed to fix it, and we had hot water again that same morning. Another crisis diverted, thanks to the emergency plumbing company that came right out!